Q&A with Pamela Johnson

Pamela Johnson Garden

This week we interviewed successful and exceptionally talented garden designer and general creative deity, Pamela Johnson.

Pamela is a Registered Member of the Society of Garden Designers, the leading UK professional body for garden design. Her own small garden in South West London (pictured) has been attracting visitors through the National Gardens Scheme for over twenty years. Pamela’s gardening prowess is demonstrated in many impressive mature gardens in London and around the UK. Her skills and dedication to this unique profession are undeniable and here’s how she can make a difference to you and your garden…. Continue reading

For DIY with real creative license and delicious rewards, try growing your own

female gardenerThere are few things more satisfying (in context of course) than growing your own – It’s DIY for the garden after all! What’s more, the very idea of spending an afternoon busying yourself with such a project is consummately more appetising than the prospect of an afternoon slaving over flat-packs and desperately seeking missing screws – wouldn’t you agree?

Perhaps it’s one of the more positive responses to the global credit crunch (there has to be some), or maybe it has more to do with a collective emergent desire to be more self-sufficient and organic in our choices; whatever the reasoning, the trend for GYO fruit and veg is most definitely…growing. Continue reading

Plan ahead: Prepare your garden in advance with our winter garden tips…

planting herbs

Gardening in the winter is neither practical nor fruitful (who wants to panic-plant in the cold and wet? Not us!); which is why a little work over the coming month or so will ensure that all is in place by the time you switch that central heating back on! Continue reading

Make it count: Find the perfect plants and bulbs for small gardens or limited outdoor space

hanging baskets
Avoid falling into the familiar trappings of the typical garden by taking a more creative approach to your outdoor space – trust us, you’ll send the neighbours green with envy!

When it comes to sprucing up our precious gardens we’re thinking out of the box…(the box being our garden!). Sound intriguing? Here are some crafty small-space ideas currently being implemented by various Mail Garden Shop team members…. Continue reading

Perk the place up: Add a splash of colour to your patio pots

container gardening

If you’re a fan of fresh cut flowers (and please tell us who isn’t?!) then you’re going to love this. Outdoor space comes at a premium when you’re a townie or city resident – all the more reason to embrace it and make it as attractive as possible.

We all love flowers around the home and outdoor containers and patio pots can do the exact same job – al fresco!

You can grow lovely flowers, no matter what hand your landlord or the unforgiving property market may have dealt you. Even if you’ve got the most petite of patios, then read on for advice on how to transform it into something special: Continue reading

Grow your own piece of paradise

Urban gardening

…And make it bright and beautiful!

If you’re one of the many city or town residents with previously frustrated green fingers and a budding interest in gardening (with a difference), then you’re most definitely not alone. Gone are the days when the very notion of gardening was restricted to the hobby and interest lists of our parents or general suburbanites reveling in more space.

With austerity measures and the credit backlash came a refreshing do-it-yourself approach and, as times have changed, so too have attitudes to growing our own and enjoying the fruits of our labour. Whether it’s flowersplants or organic fruit and veg; growing your own (successfully) is one of life’s simple and very rewarding pleasures – and more and more people are realising it. Continue reading

Summer-ready your garden with Mail Garden Shop…

200252356-001Preparing your garden for summer time is one of the most wonderful things that both avid and reluctant gardeners alike can do. The fruits of your labour are suddenly there for all to see and the prospect of spending time outside enjoying them is all the reward you need.

Continue reading

A garden fit for Saints and Royals

177426349 (1)In celebration of The Queen’s birthday, The anniversary of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and by way of marking St. George’s Day we take a majestic approach to beautiful blooms and extravagant outdoor displays… Continue reading

Get the Chelsea look








With Britain’s most prestigious flower show just around the corner, find out how you can get the Chelsea look in your garden with Mail Garden Shop…

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Easter does it, take time outside and relax…

easter eggs








One of the most celebrated events within the Christian calendar is approaching and with celebrations come holidays. Why not make the most of the long weekend and spend a leisurely few days enjoying the beauty of spring time in your very own back garden?

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